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:3ㅤheloo my name is hope but i go by kiwi smoke! (she/her)i make music, graphics & videos & i'm getting into web, fashion & 3d design.i'm currently living in nottingham, uk & i'm studying in university for an undergraduate product design degree.i manage caperflower & the jpegmafia discord server.my birthday is in the 10th of may & i like soup.

today i cried while i was cooking dinner.
hello, didnt mean to make this place already kinda depressing but i wanna talk about it here.
over these months ive been feeling pretty lonely and stuck almost.
tomorrow is the last week of me being in the uk before i go back home for the spring break.
since last vacation it honestly doesnt feel like i did much, i want to accomplish so much but i cant find the time to.
people havent seen what i can do yet because its taking too long, i put too much on my plate.
right now im supposed to work on university work for tomorrow but i keep losing track of time.
all day i had a plan on what to do and it doesnt work out, it doesnt get better.
yesterday i had a bunch of stuff i wanted to do and i didnt, same with today.
everyday i just manage to pile up the work i have to do and it seems like the path i want to take is too long to finish in my lifetime.
really want to do what i want to do, i have a lot of ideas and i have plans, i just need the time, i just need the time.

woahhg first blog post here :00
its been a year since i finished all classes in school.
time moves too quickly.

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